Premium for Omnichannel

Connect to your customers on the channel they want with digital customer engagement, including text messaging, email, webchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many more messaging channels.

Omnichannel gives your customers more ways to converse and interact with your team.  Sometimes a text or email is the most efficient means of communication. Other times, mobile devices or social networks are the launch point that brings a customer to your business.  Connecting with a customer shouldn’t depend on how they want to communicate—but rather when and with whom.

Improve and enhance customer inquiries by applying the same, sophisticated routing rules to every mode of communication. Let your agents see all inquiries – calls, texts, chats, email, etc. – in the same inbox. A seamless workspace that manages these disparate methods will increase productivity, improve response times, and enhance your team’s work experience as they engage with customers.